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Collaborative webinar brings together early stage researchers from former and ongoing projects

On May 7th, a special event brought together the early stage researchers (ESRs) from various projects and backgrounds. The ESRs from the ongoing InPharma, AGePOP and COLOTAN MSCA Innovative Training Networks came together with the former PEARRL ESRs for an online career webinar giving insights on possible future career pathways.

Nine former ESRs, including Angela Gummerlich, Chara Litou, Georgia Tsakiridou, Laura Köhl, Mariana Guimarães, Marina Statelova, Niklas Köhl, Patrick O’Dwyer, and Roxana Ilie-Spiridon, shared their career journeys post the PEARRL project.

The event featured a two-part agenda. Firstly, the former ESRs shared insights into their career paths, spanning roles in both industry and academia. In the second part, attendees broke into smaller groups for networking, where current ESRs sought advice on navigating post-PhD careers from their predecessors.

Brendan Griffin, Project Coordinator of PEARRL and InPharma Project, commented, “It was great catching up with former PEARRL ESRs and seeing their diverse career paths. The event provided valuable inspiration and career advice for our current ESRs.”

The event highlighted the importance of networking and sharing experiences within the research community, offering attendees both practical guidance and a sense of solidarity in their professional journeys.