This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 955756.

Scientific Publications​

The first research results have been submitted to and published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. 

  • Beran, K., Hermans, E., Holm, R., Sepassi, K., Dressman J. (2023). Projection of Target Drug Particle Size in Oral Formulations Using the Refined Developability Classification System (rDCS). Pharmaceutics.
  • Holzem, F. L., Jensen, I. H., Schaffland, J. P., Stillhart, C., Brandl, M., & Bauer-Brandl, A. (2023). Combining in vitro dissolution/permeation with microdialysis sampling: Capabilities and limitations for biopharmaceutical assessments of supersaturating drug formulations. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 106533.
  • Panbachi, S., Beranek, J., & Kuentz, M. (2023). Polymer-embedded deep eutectic solvents (PEDES) as a novel bio-enabling formulation approach. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 106463.
  • Guidetti, M., Hilfiker, R., Kuentz, M., Bauer-Brandl, A., & Blatter, F. (2022). Exploring the Cocrystal Landscape of Posaconazole by Combining High-Throughput Screening Experimentation with Computational Chemistry. Crystal Growth & Design.
  • Holzem, F. L., Weck, A., Schaffland, J. P., Stillhart, C., Klein, S., Bauer-Brandl, A., & Brandl, M. (2022). Biopredictive capability assessment of two dissolution/permeation assays, µFLUX™ and PermeaLoop™, using supersaturating formulations of Posaconazole. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences176, 106260.
  • Holzem, F. L., Schaffland, J. P., Brandl, M., Bauer-Brandl, A., & Stillhart, C. (2022). Microdialysis and nanofiltration allow to distinguish molecularly dissolved from colloid-associated drug concentrations during biomimetic dissolution testing of supersaturating formulations. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences174, 106166. DOI: 10.1016/j.ejps.2022.106166
 The European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences has granted the our project a special issue InPharma – Scientific contributions towards future oral drug product development. The Special Issue shall stay open to collect scientific papers throughout the project period. 

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