This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 955756.

Dr. Josef Beránek

Zentiva K.S., Drug Product Development (Zentiva), Czech Republic

Supervisor of ESR3 and ESR5


Josef Beranek has worked for Zentiva since 2011. He currently leads Preformulation and Biopharmacy unit within Zentiva R&D. He participates in a variety of drug development projects, contributes into selection and characterization of alternative solid form of active substance and is engaged in selection and optimization of prototypes for clinical studies. He is also responsible for development of innovative dissolution approaches, pharmacokinetic modelling and collaboration with external partners and universities.

In 2005 Josef received a master degree in biochemistry and biotechnology from the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2010 he finished a PhD in chemistry from the University of North Dakota, USA for his work in analytical and environmental chemistry. He then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Richland, USA in the group of chemical physics and analysis.

Selected Publications

  • Šoltys, M.; Zůza, D.; Boleslavská, T.; Machač A. S.; Balouch, M.; Kovačík, P.; Beránek, J.; Škalko-Basnet, N.; Flaten, G.E.; Štěpánek, F., Drug loading to mesoporous silica carriers by solvent evaporation: A comparative study of amorphization capacity and release kinetics. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2021, 607, 120982.

  • Trunov, D.; Wilson, J. F.; Ježková, M.; Šrom, O.; Beranek, J.; Dammer, O.; Šoóš, M., Valsartan precipitation in the presence of nonionic surfaktant. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2021, 600, 120515

  • Punčochová, K.; Ewing, A. V.; Gajdošová, M.; Pekárek, T.; Beránek, J.; Kazarian, S. G.; Štěpánek, F., The Combined Use of Imaging Approaches to Assess Drug Release from Multicomponent Solid Dispersions. Pharmaceutical Research 2017, 34 (5), 990-1001.

  • Šoltys, M.; Kovačík, P.; Dammer O.; Beránek, J.; Štěpánek, F., Effect of solvent selection on drug loading and amorphisation in mesoporous silica particles. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2019, 555, 19-27.

  • Patent: Holan, J.; Ridvan, L.; Zapadlo, M.; Dammer, O.; Beranek, J.; Kral, V. Dihydrogenphosphate salt of tenofovir disoproxil. WO2015051875A1, 2015 = commercial product