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Shaida (ESR5) moves to industry partner Zentiva

As part of the InPharma European Industrial Doctorate, all our early stage researchers (ESRs) will spend at least half of their projects in industry to provide them with a truly intersectoral and multidisciplinary training programme in the area of computational pharmaceutics and animal-free assessment methods in drug development.

Shaida Panbachi, ESR5, has recently completed her planned 18 months in academia where she was hosted by FHNW in Switzerland to come up with a novel DES-based formulation. As of 1st December 2022, Shaida is now starting her 18 month industrial secondment at Zentiva in Prague. The current plan is to study water as a critical quality attribute to the development of a novel DES formulation, to come up with further DES-based novel formulations, and to determine capsule compatability supported with in-vitro and in-vivo tests.

Shaida's farewell from the FHNW team